Apple’s intelligence and normal AI, what’s the difference

Tech giants are increasingly elbowing one another in their race to hard-wire artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily lives. Google and Microsoft have already tossed AI into their search results, sometimes with bonkers results. Meta wouldn’t be caught napping, so it, in turn, added an AI chatbot to Instagram and its other apps, sparking a mini-uproar in the process. And now, it’s Apple’s turn to land in the AI spotlight. Also, naturally, Apple is doing things differently.

A New Era of AI: Apple Intelligence

This monday,  Apple announced of introducing Apple introduced plans to dapple AI nearly everywhere within the iPhone on Monday. This isn’t just an update here or there; it’s a full-fledged rebranding. From email and messages to photos and Siri, it won’t be long before AI is hidden away inside your device, doing many small—yet impressive—things.

Imagine being able to ask Siri the following question: \”call my best friend?\” and receiving an answer to the effect that Siri already knows who your “best friend” is and is able to extract her information from the past text exchange. That’s Apple Intelligence, aiming for this level of personalized magic.

The Secret Is Personalization

One main feature of Apple Intelligence will be personalization. Not like chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, where the AI has a broad shape on every topic but without specifics. Apple Intelligence knows who you are. To your iPhone, you are a trove of pictures, texts, emails—a treasure trove. It’s a treasure trove for Apple and the secret sauce data that enables your device to offer personalized tools and answers.

Privacy First, Always

Apple has always insisted it’s a privacy company, and it’s not backing down now. Many of the new AI features will run directly on your device, meaning your data stays with you. For more complex tasks, Apple is introducing Private Cloud Compute, a system where data can be processed for AI features but won’t be stored or accessible by Apple. It’s a reassuring step in a world where data breaches are all too common.

AI That Blends In

Some of Apple’s AI improvements are invisible by design. For example, your iPhone will start organizing notifications on the lock screen based on what it thinks you’ll want to see first. It’s a small change, but one that can help cut down on distractions.

Everyday AI Tools

Apple is also implementing AI for everyday jobs. Writing an email? You can now ask the app to rewrite your draft to be more friendly, professional, or concise—all without leaving the app. You can even transform your draft into a poem! In iMessage, Apple includes creating and sending scenario images or custom emojis, possibly using data from your photos to make them more personalized.

It’s Free (If You Have an iPhone)

Unlike some competitors who offer AI as a subscription service, Apple is rolling out these features to be entirely free as long as you have an Apple device. This could make Apple’s products even more appealing, adding worth without additional cost.

Why Apple May Win the AI Game

Dan Ives, senior equity research analyst at Wedbush Securities, thinks Apple is perfectly poised to lead in the consumer AI space: Why? Apple devices are already ubiquitous; they contain invaluable personal data, making AI truly personal and useful
So what is it that sets Apple Intelligence apart from everyday AI?

1. Extreme Personalization:Traditional AI, such as ChatGPT, is trained on massive amounts of generic data running throughout the web. The capability of the generated answers is impressive, but it knows nothing about you personally. But Apple Intelligence uses the personal data on your device—your photos, texts, and emails—in order to serve answers and tools just for you. Such personalization allows the interaction with AI to feel more relevant and useful.

2. On-Device Processing: Privacy is integral in Apple’s AI strategy. Considerable AI systems process data in the cloud, without most people in their right minds trusting handling. Yet, Apple ensures that many of its AI features execute directly on your device. That way, your data doesn’t leave your phone, eliminating cloud-based breaches and keeping your privacy.

3. Seamlessly Integrated:Normal AI mostly feels like an add-on (think of how you go to a separate app or website to use ChatGPT). However, Apple Intelligence is built directly into iOS. Whether you’re crafting an email, searching for photos, or managing notifications, AI is right there to help, without you ever noticing anything different.

4.Focus on Everyday Tasks:  Apple’s AI is not just about answering your questions or writing text for you; it’s more about surfacing the basics. Whether it’s grouping notifications, rewriting emails, or making you a custom emoji, Apple Intelligence is programmed to help you carry out daily tasks with less resistance.

5. Free with Apple Devices:While many AI services are offered as subscription-based models, Apple is baking in these features for free as part of the iOS ecosystem. This not only increases the value of Apple devices but also gives more users access to AI.


Apple’s foray into AI, branded as Apple Intelligence, isn’t just about adding smart features. It’s about seamlessly integrating AI into your daily life in a way that feels natural and personal. By leveraging the vast amount of data your device already holds and maintaining a strong commitment to privacy, Apple is poised to redefine what AI can do for you. So, get ready for a smarter, more intuitive iPhone experience this summer — and the best part? You might not even notice it’s there.

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