Apple WWDC 2024: Unveiling a Smarter Siri and AI-Powered iOS 18 Features

At the latest Apple WWDC event, Apple unveiled plenty of new iOS 18 features that take advantage of the company’s revolutionary generative AI, Apple Intelligence. Here’s an overview of what is new:

Siri’s Massive Update

Redesigned Concert Page and Improved Comprehension

So, Siri now comes with a new icon and also has a glowing light indicator around the edges of your screen of your device. Your Siri is also doped to stumble speech better, and assets the context better thanks to Apple Intelligence. You can also type to Siri and get responses. Most remarkable is that you would also get guidance regarding the use of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac you are using.

Onscreen Awareness and Action Across Apps

On-screen awareness, as well as cross-app actions, expand the functionality of Siri. You can further extend the text with a request to “make this picture pop” and then “overlay” this picture on another application. You can also nod your head to accept or reject the call.

Third Party Apps on Siri

Siri and all in-built first-party apps now support ChatGPT. So, as with tools to write, you would be able to use ChatGPT to create and refine your writing, even those accompanying images.

Genmoji and Image Playground

Personalised AI Sticker and Images

So the new feature that Apple announced is Genmoji. They can be stickered as a reaction or in a message instead. Also, iPhone users will now have the option to create an AI image of the person they are messaging or chatting with, which personalises the chat much more.

AI photo editing

Clean Up photos app tool

The updated Photos app now includes a new Clean Up tool that removes unwanted individuals and objects in images. By circling or highlighting the element to remove, AI fills in the background in such a seamless manner making it look like the unwelcome element was never there to begin with. Photos can be arranged automatically by topics like time, people, favorite memories and trips. Expanded search terms enable one to search for photos using words more specific.

Recorded Calls

Automated Call Recording and Transcription

Optional call recording and transcription will be available for the iPhone 15 Pro and later models. It automatically notifies another person of the recording and then summarises in the Notes app the main points of a call.

Enhanced Security and Connectivity

iPhone Theft Mitigation

In case your iPhone is lost, one is able to control it using the Mac by disabling such settings as preventing restrictions on the accounts and also tracking the same, using the real-time locations on Maps to enable oneself to recover the phone.

Tap to Pay Between iPhones

This has now been allowed between iPhones on iOS 18. It has provided further convenience for peer to mutual transactions.

Offline Location Sharing

One is able to text one’s live location via satellite using Messages, even in the absence of a cellular signal, and at no extra cost.

Improved Messaging and App Security

Users can now schedule their messages and even lock apps with the Face ID feature for better usability and security in iOS 18.

Smart Email Handling

Understanding email context

Apple’s intelligence can now understand your email context and alert you about the same. Additionally, it can rewrite, proofread, and summarise the email that is being composed to someone so that it can be clear and professional.

These new updates have revolutionised the overall AI experience of usability, security, and convenience for Apple user.

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