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Experience effortless ordering with Mandara’s pincode entry and QR generation feature. Simply share your QR code with promoters to unlock a diverse selection of food and beverage items, making your dining experience seamless and convenient.



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Mandara is a progressive web app developed to promote DS products. This project is bifurcated into two separate modules:
1.One module is for the user, allowing them to check the currently active schemes in their area. These can be of various types, such as single-day schemes, multi-day schemes, or spin wheel schemes.
2.The other module is for the in-house promoters of DS Group, who distribute products to end users by scanning QR codes.
Functioning: If there is an active scheme in the user’s pin code area, it will be displayed in the user module. The user must visit the nearest promoter, generate the QR code for the specific scheme via the app, and show it to the promoter. The promoter will scan the QR code using the promoter app module, and the free product will be given to the user. The respective transaction histories will be recorded.

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Access Made Simple: Mandara App Sign-in Guide

Explore Mandara’s smooth sign-in process, granting rapid access to exclusive features and content for a seamless user experience.

Mandara App

Elevate your experience with DS Group, where innovation meets excellence.
Mayank Barnwal
Project Lead

Ensuring smooth customer onboarding while enhancing Mandara's app marketing and promotional initiatives.


Collected valuable insights into the needs and preferences of walk-in users on Mandara by gathering their information and preferences.


Implemented a platform within the Mandara app for users to explore a variety of food and beverage options and uncover relevant promotions, bonuses, and offers.

Our mission at Mandara is to revolutionize the ordering experience by providing a convenient and efficient platform for users to discover and indulge in their favorite food and beverage items. Whether you’re craving a savory snack or a refreshing drink, Mandara is here to make your ordering process effortless and enjoyable.

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