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Your pocket-sized heart health companion, tracking pulse rates with precision and ease.Feel the rhythm of your heart at your fingertips with Massager, the app that monitors and measures your heartbeat seamlessly.


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Massager is your personal pulse companion, seamlessly measuring your heartbeat with just a touch. With its intuitive interface, it provides real-time pulse ratings, giving you insights into your heart health at your fingertips. Whether you’re monitoring your fitness progress or simply staying mindful of your well-being, Massager keeps you informed and empowered. Trust Massager to track your heart’s rhythm effortlessly, making health monitoring a breeze.

Your pulse rating and heart beat measurement app for holistic health tracking

Stay in tune with your body’s rhythms and optimize your well-being with Massager’s comprehensive pulse rating and heart beat monitoring features. Track your health journey effortlessly and gain insights for a balanced lifestyle

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Our mission is to enhance well-being through real-time monitoring and personalized insights on blood pressure and pulse using our innovative massage app.


Transform wellness by seamlessly integrating blood pressure and pulse monitoring with personalized massage therapy in one intuitive app.

Stay Connected to Your Body: Monitor Well-Being with Ease

 Your personalized app for tracking pulse rate and monitoring heartbeats on the go.”

Massager App

Empower yourself with real-time insights for a healthier lifestyle.
Saurabh Anand Srivastava
Project Lead

Empower Your Health with Precision Pulse Monitoring


Instantly access relaxation with on-the-go massages, easing tension and promoting well-being wherever you are


Tailor your massage experience to your preferences, enjoying customized stress relief at your fingertips

Designed with user-friendly features, Massager offers real-time pulse tracking and heart rate measurement, empowering individuals to prioritize their health effortlessly.Utilize Massager to effortlessly track your pulse rating and heart beat, empowering you to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle with ease.

Streamline Your Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Utilize advanced technology to effortlessly track your pulse rate and heart beat, empowering you to prioritize your health with ease and precision

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