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NovaCRM revolutionizes customer relationship management, empowering businesses to optimize every interaction and drive growth with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.


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NovaCRM App offers an unparalleled solution for businesses seeking to streamline and enhance customer relationships. Our robust platform empowers organizations to connect with customers more effectively, driving sustainable growth and fostering unwavering loyalty. From seamless lead generation to comprehensive post-sales support, NovaCRM revolutionizes the customer interaction landscape, ensuring every touchpoint is meticulously optimized for success. Experience a new era in customer relationship management with NovaCRM.

Maximize every opportunity and turn more leads into closed deals

NOVA CRM enables you to establish enriching communication with your leads. With 2 Way Calling, Texting, and email capabilities – NOVA is your central platform to manage all your communications. Not only 2-way communications, but also, customized email templates on various pre-con projects, your listings, and market updates are all readily available under email templates. Also, NOVA CRM records all your calls(made through the application) so that you don’t forget your last communication with the client.

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Continuous development drives innovation on the PeerPicks betting app, ensuring an exceptional user experience.


Empower businesses of all sizes to build stronger client relationships through effortless communication.

A Simple Solution to All Your Real Estate Problem

A Simple Solution to Streamline All Your Customer Relationship Management Needs.


Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: NovaCRM's Cutting-Edge CRM Solutions.
Amar Sharma
Project Lead

Your All-in-One Hub for Seamless Communication and Comprehensive Client Management!


Integrates 2-way calling, texting, and email features into one platform


 Automatic call record, ensuring you never miss a detail from previous client

Although we cannot call the development side of the project ‘complex’, there were a few challenges that our team encountered. For example, instead of having a common server for all the store locations, they wanted a separate system – with their own individual servers – in every location. Moreover, they wanted us to work on a private IP address. So, it was a bit tricky for our team to develop the entire web application from a remote location. Our team, nonetheless, found a workaround and deployed location-wise kiosk solutions in the multiple peerpicks App stores.

Consumer-Directed Monetization through NovaCRM

NovaCRM facilitates consumer-directed monetization strategies, empowering businesses to optimize revenue generation while prioritizing customer needs and preferences.

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